Quality Assurance & Testing

QA services for any stage of development and any product type

To ensure your software product works the way it’s expected, you’ll need to continuously implement various types of testing. 

With XRV you adopt a mature QA process ensured by experienced engineers and gain full control over product quality.

Our QA services

Manual testing

Manual testing is meant for verifying complex features and analyzing the product’s UI/UX to ensure that it performs the way your end users expect it to. Our testers have plenty of real-world experience to understand and meet your requirements, user needs, and industry best practices.

Automation testing

With automation testing, you can save time and effort by running several tasks simultaneously and eliminating human error. Our test automation engineers will define the scope of automation and find the best tools to provide you with an efficient testing process across web and mobile applications.

Performance testing

Our QA engineers will evaluate your solution against any performance issues, risks, or vulnerabilities that may arise. We use the latest tools to understand what modules are under the heaviest user load and what functions are creating bottlenecks.

API testing

If your solution involves APIs, you’ll need to validate its functionality, check its security, and make sure the responses work as expected regardless of the type and number of requests.

Our engineers are here for you wherever you are in your journey. We provide software testing from advisory for the initial set-up to post-launch fixes and improvements.

Whether you need to hire a QA tester to extend your team or require building a testing team, we’ll offer the services provided by the engineers experienced in different industries.

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